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Keith Phillips

Committee of Management

As the first South Australian professional to attain certification credentials with the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB), Keith Phillips has been at the forefront of both his local commissioning industry, and the HVAC industry nationwide.

When Keith joined the HVAC commissioning industry as a Commissioning Manager with Watson Fitzgerald and Associates in 2001, South Australia had no formal commissioning courses or qualifications to pursue. Through the AMCA Member-led initiative, Keith seized the opportunity to undertake certified training and qualifications.

Keith’s qualifications have taken him around the world. He has attended seminars throughout North America and performed works in various facilities from tuna hatcheries to cleanrooms in the Philippines. Locally, his expertise have seen him commission most hospitals, both public and private in South Australia.

Now Keith has joined the board of the Testing and Commissioning Association Inc. and plays an essential role in determining the standards and guidelines to strengthen the local HVAC industry, and train current and future commissioning professionals to uphold high technical standards.

Keith Phillips

"I'm pleased to be a member of TACA which will become the commissioning knowledge base supporting the standards and guidelines for our region."

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