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Our Sponsors

We would like to thank our sponsors for their generous and continued support. Like us, they recognise the importance of quality and training in our industry and it's with their assistance that we can continue to provide this.

If you too would like to support TACA, please contact us at

Let's build a stronger local industry, together.

Flowcal Logos 20-6-2022.jpg

Flowcal Scientific


Flowcal Scientific specialises in calibration/repair/sales of air-flow instrumentation.

Flowcal Scientific was established in 1996 and is located in Sydney NSW.

The Flowcal calibration laboratory provides calibration and repair services for all types of anemometers. Calibrations are performed in our CSIRO designed wind tunnel.

Calibration and repair services are also provided for:

  • air flow hoods

  • micromanometers

  • hydronic manometers

  • pressure meters

  • thermometers

  • force meters

  • hand tachometers

Flowcal Scientific is the national supplier of ventilation/pressure instrumentation from TSI Alnor.

Address:  Warehouse 1, 16 Wurrook Circuit

             Caringbah NSW 2229
Phone: +61 2 9540 4626


Kenelec Scientific (updated).png

Kenelec Scientific


Kenelec Scientific is one of Australia’s leading scientific and environmental technology companies.

With distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand, we supply globally sourced, latest-generation technologies at competitive prices and we are committed to providing the highest level of service and technical support.

Our ventilation and indoor air quality test instruments include:

  • Air balancing hoods

  • Anemometers

  • Manometers

  • Hydronic manometers

  • Duct leakage test systems

  • IAQ monitors.

For commissioning professionals, many of our products meet the TACA instrument requirements for testing, adjusting and balancing HVAC systems, ensuring your work complies with industry standards.

Repairs and service are carried out in our state-of-the-art laboratories by our experienced technicians.  We are NATA-accredited to perform Vane Anemometer calibrations under the requirements of ISO 17025 (Accreditation No. 15814).

We supply a fleet of accessories, and with many of our instruments available for rental you'll always have a backup if your unit is out of action.

Contact us today to discuss your HVAC requirements. 

Address:  23 Redland Drive, Mitcham VIC 3132
Phone:    1300 732 233    Fax: 1300 732 244      


DwyerLogo New.jpg

Dwyer Instruments


Dwyer Instruments is a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative controls, sensors, and instrumentation solutions. Our range includes but is not limited to Test Equipment, Indoor Air Quality monitoring, Thermal Energy Monitoring for billing applications, Pressure, Temperature & Flow measurement.


Our Test Equipment includes handheld manometers for air & water applications, Pitot tubes, Smart Air Hood, Wireless Hydronic balancing meters, handheld humidity and air velocity instruments.


Address: Unit 1, 11 Waverly Drive
             Unanderra NSW 2526

Phone: +61 2 4272 2055


XOP Hi Res Logo.jpg

XOperative TAB


The XOperative TAB productivity tool provides a Faster, Smarter and Easier way to conduct your Cx and TAB work, and has been carefully designed by commissioning and balancing technicians just like you. We have personal experience when it comes to the things which can frustrate technicians on site, and this is why it has been designed with the field technician in mind FIRST.


Fantech Intelligent Ventilation 3D_Colour-01.jpg

Fantech Pty Ltd


Fantech is focused on providing ventilation and air management solutions by introducing new and innovative products for commercial, industrial, and domestic markets. The company is recognised for its technical expertise, high quality product range and commitment to customer service. 

Today, Fantech manufactures and distributes one of the most comprehensive ranges of ventilation products in Australia and New Zealand.


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