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Damien Arandt


Utilising his 20 years in the building services industry, and as the founder of an HVAC company focused on regional work, Damien Arandt is bringing his experience and mentoring skills to the Testing and Commissioning Association as both a national board member and volunteer.

Growing up in Regional Victoria has given Damien an advantageous perspective on the HVAC industry in Australia. He has observed the disproportionate emphasis on standards that are placed on regional areas as opposed to metropolitan, resulting in building environment systems that are often inefficient and not performing to their most cost-effective or “green” potential. He is determined to improve these standards through his own company’s work, and by supporting and contributing to the development of the Testing and Commissioning Association.

Having travelled overseas in the past to complete his accredited training and certification, Damien is excited that this new association will provide professional development locally. His career in the commissioning industry and collaborations with other trained HVAC professionals have made him a vital contributor to our development, and an important member of our TACA team.

Damien Arandt

"I'm honoured and proud to be an inaugural member of the TACA board. We've been fortunate to assemble a great group of experienced people who will strengthen and expand our local industry."

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