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Chris Wright


Chris Wright has been a pivotal figure within the HVAC & R contracting industry for more than 40 years.

As Director of a leading Tasmanian commercial air conditioning contractor since 1987 – TCM, Chris has played an integral role within the industry to support and develop professional standards in Australia.

Having previously headed up the NEBB Australia Chapter as Chairman from 2011-2021, and serving as the AMCA National President from 2016-2017, Chris now leads a team of HVAC, TAB and Commissioning specialists as President of the Testing and Commissioning Association.

His commitment to promoting and encouraging others to advance, shines through in both his professional and personal endeavours, with years of active involvement with Industry Associations, Sporting Clubs and School Boards.

Chris is eager to impart his technical and practical experience of our industry onto current and new commissioning professionals.

Chris Wright

"After many years, I'm excited that a driven and passionate group of Australian TAB and HVAC&R professionals have come together to set up an association that reflects out specific regional requirements."

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