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Meet our recently Accredited Technician, Ovia!

We are very pleased to introduce our most recently Accredited Technician, Ovia Sego. Ovia lives and works in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. His determination and hard work have been unwavering, especially as his mentoring and exams have been conducted virtually. It's great to have him on board, and we are humbled by his enthusiasm and determination. Here are a few words from Ovia.  

In 2012, I graduated with a college technical trade certificate in drafting, with aspirations of pursuing a career focused on technical drawings. However, faced with limited employment opportunities in Papua New Guinea, I cast a wide net in my job search, applying to various companies despite lacking the requisite experience.

In 2013, an opportunity arose when I read a local newspaper advertisement indicating that South Pacific Air Conditioning (SPAC) was seeking a Senior Draftsman position. Despite being a recent graduate without direct experience in air conditioning, I decided to apply and sure enough I was offered the Junior draftsman position within SPAC's projects division. My primary responsibility initially involved creating operations and maintenance manuals for all completed projects.

Over time, my role expanded, and I began to grasp the intricacies of air conditioning systems. Steve France, the General Manager for the Projects division, recognized my potential and encouraged me to pursue TAB (Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing) commissioning for air and hydronics systems. Under his guidance, I conducted TAB commissioning for numerous completed projects and reported my findings to him.

In March 2019, Steve arranged for me to attend a commissioning and balancing workshop with Olsen Environment, further enhancing my skills and knowledge in this field. The workshop covered various aspects of commissioning testing and balancing, providing invaluable insights into HVAC mechanical systems.

As SPAC's project workload increased and the need for certified commissioning agents grew, Steve connected me with Derek Olsen from Fast Works to pursue technical level 2 accreditation with TACA. Derek became my mentor, guiding me through exam preparations and offering invaluable support.

Recently, I collaborated with Fast Works on stair pressurization testing for the HSS project in 2023, among other projects contracted through Olsen Environment. I am grateful to Steve France for his belief in my abilities and for providing me with opportunities to grow professionally. I also extend my appreciation to Rob Doyle, Managing Director of SPAC, for facilitating my accreditation journey.

Overall, my journey at SPAC has been transformative, and I am excited to continue advancing my career in the HVAC industry with newfound knowledge and skills.

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